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You don’t have to be well-off or famous to have a personal stylist today. In the decades past, a wealthy, very affluent woman or celebrity walked into a posh clothing store, and as if by magic, there was always a line of outfits arranged by her private clothing stylist in her dressing room. And you guessed it; all the clothing fit perfectly. Hiring a personal stylist has changed in many senses for the better. Now, more women than ever can easily attain the services of a personal stylist.

What Is A Personal Stylist?

Personal stylists assist clients in creating a wardrobe by curating clothing and accessory choices that best fit client’s individual needs. Some personal stylists also provide image advice and assist with hair, makeup, and home decor. However, you no longer need to meet with a personal stylist in a luxury department store or even at your home. These days, online companies, in-store insiders, and style over-haul specialists put personal stylists within more women’s grasp not only because of convenience but affordability.

Why Choose A Personal Stylist?

Whether you are a remote-working freelancer, stay-at-home mom, or a boardroom boss, there comes a time in life where you desire a style of your own. You tell yourself, I don’t see anyone but the mailman all day. Why care about my closet? Or, maybe you reason the idea away because of time-constraint issues or budget restrictions. We’re here to tell you; you can have a personal stylist, too, conveniently and affordably.

Finding An Affordable (And Convenient) Personal Stylist

The new ways to attain a personal stylist make it a win-win situation for women everywhere to revamp their wardrobe and create a style on the cheap. From rigorously store-trained associates to fashion-forward friends, we’ve found tips to help you keep up with fashion and find the style you desire without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help you do the same:

Store Or Brand Trained Associates

Many stores that don’t maintain full-time personal consultants have rigorously trained associates. Stores including Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Anthropology, Top Shop, and Madewell put their personnel through rigorous training regarding sizing, fit, materials, and assisting with style. With women’s online clothing sales reaching billions annually, brick-and-mortar stores have their competition. The mentality of the store sales clerk has changed as they realize the soft-sell personal approach helps garner more sales than the old pushy sales tactic.

Expert Personal Services

Some women are under the misgiving they need to see a personal stylist frequently to keep them looking their best. Not true. You can easily hire a pro to complete a style overhaul. The concept is fine-tuning what’s working for you in your wardrobe, weeding out items you don’t wear, and giving undecided pieces in your closet new life by helping you see them differently by pairing them in unexpected ways. Then often, the overhaul specialist helps you shop for additional closet staples to build on that transition season-after-season. Even though this comes under expert services, the service is affordable because you utilize pieces you currently own, and you only need to fine-tune your wardrobe every few years.

Virtual Personal Stylist

Connect wherever and whenever with virtual Hollywood stylists on websites like Glamhive and WISHI. Style help is available via video to sort through your closet, style outfits, and conduct personalized online shopping sessions. You know you’re getting the latest fashion advice because stylists like Lindsey Dupuis and Karla Welch, deemed #1 stylists the world over, are fashion industry icons themselves. These stylists worked with many elite celebrity heavyweights, including Sharon Stone, Justin Beiber, Amber Heard, Sarah Paulson, and Britney Snow. And, now the same hot fashion experts can work with you.

Subscription Box Services

Fashion subscription boxes are the newest in dressing your best. They’re a recurring service like getting a little personal stylist in a box every time you get your subscription. Because you set-it-and-forget-it, companies like StitchFix, Gwynnie Bee, Fabletics, and Rent The Runway are convenient and keep your wardrobe updated with stylish essentials, runway fashions, and even the latest trends in athletic wear. In addition, they’re affordable because you rent, don’t buy, clothing and accessories.

Personal Styling Apps

Did you know that there are fashion and styling apps available for your smartphone or tablet? Pose, StyleBool, and Polyvore, to name a few. Inspired by Pinterest and other pinboard platforms, styling apps offer non-stop latest looks and trends, complete with customization tools. In addition, you can import all your clothes and accessories and shop online at over 7,000 retailers, which qualifies this personal styling option as affordable because you create from your closet. Then what you don’t have, you’re sure to find a bargain with all those shopping options.

Invite Your Fashion-Forward Friends

Take a more personal approach to a personal stylist and invite your fashion-trendy friends (of hopefully the same size) for a glass of wine, food, and fashion fun. Trade, swap, rent, or sell pieces from your wardrobe. Even if you don’t share the same size or taste in clothing, have them bring outfits for a runway show. Try on unsure fashion picks for honest opinions and team up for shopping trips. The best part is these parties are fun as virtual versions also making them convenient, as well as affordable.