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One home improvement project homeowners hesitate to do is replacing their windows. It’s a service that can benefit them in several ways. Here’s how you can save big through window replacement.

Window Replacement Improves Energy-Efficiency

One of the biggest ways that window replacement saves you is through your energy bill. Windows and doors are the key areas where heat loss and cool air loss occur. That’s because they’re weak points in the home.

Your house is always shifting. It’s moving from extreme winds. It’s expanding during hot temperatures. It’s shrinking during cold temperatures. As the house shifts, the weaker parts of the home bear the brunt of the pressure.

It’s why you may notice gaps appear in your doorframe or window sill. These objects are unable to move with the house. As the pressure builds against them, they’re forced out of place or become just slightly misaligned.

The problem is that even tiny gaps release air out of the home. To keep hot or cool air inside of the home, it needs to be insulated. Your exterior walls are insulated just for this purpose. Your windows aren’t.

When a gap emerges, it lets the warm or cool air through the gap and outside. It also lets the temperatures from the outdoors inside of your home. As a result, you have a slight heat loss or cool air loss. Depending on the number of windows you have in your home, they could all be doing this. Your HVAC system has to work overtime to compensate for this loss.

It may not seem like much, but if your windows continue to release air from the home, then that’s an amount that adds up over time. Replacing the window fixes the problem. The old window is removed and the sill is corrected. New sealants are put in place to trap air inside of the home. With the new fully-sealed window in place, your home can keep the warm and cool air inside of it far easier. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard.

You may notice that your energy bill steadily decreases with time and remains that way. Window replacement can save money on your energy bill by preserving the insulation of your home.

Check for Moldy Insulation

Another way that window replacement can save you big is through insulation inspection. During a window replacement, the entire window is removed. This allows contractors to look at the insulation that frames the window.

If the window had large gaps, then they may see that the insulation is wet and full of mold. That’s because the window was allowing water, even small drops of water, access to the insulation. This can create a serious problem.

Mold loves insulation. It’s a great food source for it. Black mold can quickly spread if it has plenty of moisture and food. It’s possible that the entire section of insulation is covered in black mold.

Because mold can be hazardous for your health, it needs to be removed immediately and carefully. Its spores can quickly travel through the air and settle on other surfaces where they can grow. However, the only way that your family and home can be safe is through the removal of the mold. The only way your family can know if the mold is there is by doing a window replacement.

You may be surprised at how your allergies clear up after the mold is removed from within the walls of your home.

Saves Money on Lightbulbs

Older windows don’t allow as much natural light as new windows do. They’re dirty and built in such a way that the glass isn’t as translucent as it could be. Replacing them with new windows can allow more natural light into your home.

This is beneficial in a few different ways. The first is that it can save you money on lightbulbs. When your home is dark, you naturally light it up by turning on the light. Over time, the bulb dies out. While light bulbs aren’t always too expensive, if you have to replace them often, then that’s a cost that adds up over time.

Not all lightbulbs are energy-efficient either. You may find yourself adding a few extra dollars to your energy bill every month. You can cut the cost of lightbulbs and your energy bill down when you replace your windows. They allow brighter light into the room which removes the need to turn on the lights. Your lightbulbs last longer, and you don’t use any additional energy.

Be More Productive

With more people working at home, it’s even more important that your home is suited for your professional efforts. You can increase your productivity by replacing your windows. New windows can also make your home feel brighter and spacious. It can completely transform a gloomy or oppressive room into one that makes you feel relaxed and focused.

When you feel more focused, you’re able to get more work done. As a result, you’re more productive and earn more money.

New windows can change your mood. Instead of feeling depressed by being in a dark and gloomy room, a room with bright and natural light from replaced windows can make you feel energized and motivated.

You may be surprised at just how much a window replacement can change your productivity levels.

Better Curb Appeal

One final way that window replacement can save you big is by improving your curb appeal. New windows look better on homes. They’re stylish, cleaner, and can even change the appearance of your house.

If you want to make a statement to the neighborhood or just impress potential buyers down the road, replacing your windows is the choice to make.

Replace Your Windows Today

Window replacement can save you in more ways than you may initially realize. Replace your windows today and enjoy all of the benefits that it offers.