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Shopping for a hot tub can be difficult. There are so many options. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and end up making the wrong decision. Here are a few tips you can use to shop for the hot tub that’s perfect for your needs.

1. Size Matters

When shopping for a hot tub, one of the most important considerations to make is the hot tub size. Hot tubs are larger than many people realize. Not only does it house several hundred gallons of water, but it also has all of the machinery it needs to warm the water and run the filter, too. That takes up space.

Before you buy a hot tub, you need to measure the area you want to have it installed. It’s a good rule of thumb to pick a hot tub that’s few inches smaller than the measurements you’re taking.

Once you have those measurements, you have a general idea of the size of the hot tub that you need.

Another part of size to consider is how many people you want to be able to fit inside of it. Is this a private hot tub just for yourself or a partner? Or do you expect to host friends and family in it? You’ll need enough seats and space to fit everyone. The larger the hot tub is, the more seats that are available.

Finally, you need to consider the purpose of the hot tub. Is it just to relax? If so, then you may only need a small one. Do you intend to use it as a swimming pool? Then you may need a larger tub that’s built specifically for that need. These tubs are usually longer than other tubs. Your available space needs to reflect that.

2. Features or No Features

Thanks to modern technology, hot tubs come packed full of new features. Depending on how pricey you want to get, you could come up with a fully decked-out hot tub. Many hot tubs feature LED lights. Not all of them allow you to control the color and vibrancy of the lights.

If you want absolute control over your hot tub, then you may want to consider a model that lets you dim or brighten LEDs.

You should also consider other smart features. Some tubs can be linked to your smartphone or other devices. That allows you to control the temperature and jet cycle from anywhere. You can have your tub ready to go as soon as you arrive home. This is ideal for those who live busy lives and don’t have time to wait for their hot tub to prepare itself while they’re standing by.

Another great feature to consider is the addition of Bluetooth speakers. Relaxing in a hot tub is great, but adding Bluetooth speakers can completely change your experience. These speakers are designed to be synced with your phone. You can create a playlist and have it play whenever you want. It’s the perfect way to set the mood or liven up the party.

You can even add a TV to your hot tub. Some hot tubs come with an attachment for a waterproof TV screen. The screen is also temperature-resistant. That makes it a great pick for those who love watching TV and relaxing in a hot tub. You can catch up with your favorite show or watch the game with your friends.

These features cost extra. If you don’t have the budget for it, then a standard hot tub will work just as well. However, if you have the budget to spare, then these features may be worth considering.

3. Efficiency

Part of owning a hot tub is dealing with the extra costs. Hot tubs use a lot of energy to keep the water warm and operate the jets. If the tub has other features, then it’s going to draw even more energy. If you want to keep your energy bill affordable, then you need to look for tubs that are energy-efficient.

These tubs are built with parts that run smoothly and efficiently. They also don’t use a lot of energy to operate.

You can also always purchase a solar system used specifically for your hot tub. Then you never have to worry about adding an extra cost to your energy bill.

Besides energy, you’re also going to be using a lot of water. The water needs to be changed every now and then to keep it sterile. There’s also natural water loss as a result of splashing and evaporation. If you live in an area where water is expensive, then you may have to pay a good amount just to keep your tub filled.

To compensate, you’ll want to look for hot tubs that come with thick covers. These covers can prevent evaporation. You’ll still need to change the water out every now and then, but the covers can help reduce water loss due to evaporation.

4. Function

There are several types of hot tubs. Some are built strictly for relaxing. These are the tubs that come with tons of jets. They’re designed to massage every aspect of your body from your head to your toes.

Then there are tubs that are built for fitness. Swimmer spas are hot tubs with a powerful jet system that creates a force. You have to swim against the force. Swimmer spas are ideal for those who want to increase their fitness in warm water. They’re also ideal for those who don’t have the right size backyard for a proper swimming pool.

Knowing how you want to use your hot tub can determine what type you should shop for.

Start Your Hunting

There are a ton of different aspects to consider when shopping for a hot tub. Knowing how you intend to use the hot tub, the size you have to work with, and whether your budget can support additional features or not can set you on the right path towards choosing the best hot tub for your needs.