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Some people might seem like naturals when they are working the summer grill. However, you might actually be surprised to discover that natural-born culinary specialists actually buy the right equipment, which can often do most of the hard work. For instance, some grills peak at the right grilling temperature while others have different racks for different foods. Others have different layers that offer different temperatures, which can allow a greater variety of foods to be in simultaneous production. Finally, some grills offer ease of cooking and precise handling when it comes to adjustment.

Things To Look For:


Dual heat controls will allow you a greater degree of accuracy when you are grilling multiple items. Additionally, you should look for grills that have separate grates or raised grates that allow an extra degree of space away from heat sources. This type of space allows you to keep items warm without burning them.


For safety, you should look for stable units that have cool-to-touch handles and knobs. Poorly built units might conduct heat, potentially burning you. Additionally, wheels should be large and sturdy, allowing for safer movement across a yard to the place of setup.


This feature will vary according to the number of guests you are entertaining, but you should at least look for a surface space capable of handling large steaks. Obviously, doing so will ensure you can enjoy steaks. However, a large space for steaks also ensures an ample grilling area for multiple hotdogs, chickens, and burgers. In terms of space, you might also consider a tabletop model, which you can take camping or to a friend’s house.

Top 4 Grills

1. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Classic 360 grill is a bestseller because it browns food perfectly without drying steaks, veggies, or aluminum-wrapped fish fillets. For additional variety, the side steamer runs at 8,000 Btu, ensuring you have enough heat to keep any food item warm for the duration of your picnic or reunion. Additionally, you can boil water in the steamer unit, allowing you to keep your sauces or soups ready.

Best features

The size of this grill allows you to sear large steaks or lengthy ka-bobs. Ears of corn rest comfortably alongside rows of burgers, dogs, or chops. In terms of quality, the build features a ceramic coating that withstands weather during the weekdays it is not in use.

Finally, the ignition lights with a button push, ensuring you do not have to overuse briquette oil, which can make your food taste like fuel. Simply put, when it comes to outdoor cooking, this grill is the behind-the-scenes chef that can help ensure all the precision recipe requirements are easy to handle.

2. Char-Broil 463377319

For outdoor cooking, propane grills represent easy heat control. Additionally, with multiple burners, you can cook items that require different cooking environments that lock flavor and create the best consistency. This grill offers all these features as well as a spacious grilling surface that allows for several full-size steaks alongside dogs, chops, and burgers.

Best features

The amount of grilling space that this grill provides is outstanding. In addition to the interior cooking area, you have two areas outside the grilling plates that allow you to keep utensils, sauces, and wipes in quick reach. The grates resist corrosion, which is necessary for outdoor cooking equipment, and the burners also have a top position, which means less time flipping and more time cooking. In fact, this top-burner feature is critical with steaks as it helps juices remain in the center of the meat instead of dripping down into the grill.

3. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Propane Tabletop Grill

Cuisinart brings grill masters one of the best propane grills in a tabletop version that will fit on any stone or tiled service. Consequently, you can transform any outdoor area into a makeshift grilling hub.

In terms of size, this spacious model can handle main entrees for two. Because two people rarely have the same precise tastes, the dual heating knobs allow you to prepare different items. For instance, you can prepare meat on one side and veggies on the other. For more variety, you can turn the heat down to a simmer and maintain sauces at perfect temperatures for dipping.

Best features

This unit is sturdy and makes for confident outdoor cooking. There is no need to worry about it tipping or becoming unstable. In terms of safety, the extra thick handle is temperature resistant, ensuring there are no burns or hot surprises when you open the lid. At just over 20 pounds, this unit is truly portable, making it ready for the park or for your campsite. Finally, the unit features a built-in thermometer, ensuring you can cook your dishes to the exact right temperature.

4. Aiglam Folding BBQ Grill

Due to its length, this particular grill turns any outdoor cooking event into a buffet. Additionally, it features one thick grill area for steaks and an elevated area for items that need more distance from the heat source.

Best features

Simply put, this unit’s best feature is its length, which removes the cramped feeling that many other grills offer. You can easily cook steaks on one side, burgers and dogs in the middle, and veggies at the far end. Moreover, the lower rack allows for easy storage of cold items or even a beer or two.

In addition to the cooking area, the hooks on the right side allow you to hang your utensils. The shelf on the opposite end offers you sturdy space for a cup or two of basting sauce. When it comes to cleaning, the surface is stainless steel, allowing you to easily wipe up messes and not having to worry about rust.