Here I am… Body Positive JCPenney Commercial

I use to weigh 280lbs, in 2003 I decided after many failed weight loss attempts to undergo a Vertical Banded Gastroplasy also known as a VBG. Basically my stomach is intact but I have hundreds of staples and a mesh band that has been placed around my stomach.  Unlike the Band that’s used today the band I have around my stomach has no fill requirements … Continue reading Here I am… Body Positive JCPenney Commercial

Noodles Noodles Everywhere

My daughter and I had a mommy dearest/spawn day today and after taking her shopping we headed over to Mecha Noodle Bar in Fairfield, CT for some lunch. Honestly when I walked in I wasn’t to thrilled with the place mainly because they were seating everyone in the center table which was like a long picnic table you sit everyone on.  If you are like … Continue reading Noodles Noodles Everywhere

Danbury Railway Museum

This past weekend we ended up visiting the Danbury Railway Museum located in Danbury, CT. This museum is not only a museum / train graveyard but also is where metro north parks their currently operating trains when not in use.  The museum houses many trains that are not only vintage but are also privately owned. So my thoughs on the museum it’s a great place … Continue reading Danbury Railway Museum

Dinosaur Place

Yesterday we went to Dinosaur Place located in New London Connecticut.  We took our 2-year-old granddaughter, yes we have a granddaughter, and had a fantastic time. So Dinosaur Place is basically a Jurassic Park themed playground that has over 40 Dinosaurs placed throughout an over mile long trail.  In the center of the park is a huge lake with a volcano that erupts every hour … Continue reading Dinosaur Place