Harkness Memorial State Park

This Saturday we headed over to Harkness Memorial State Park which is located in Waterford, CT.  The property was once a working dairy farm later purchase by Edward and Mary Harkness who had purchased the property from Mary’s sister and brother in law.  The Harkness family lived in the Hammond Mansion from May through September.


Mary was a philanthropist and founded camp Harkness a medical facility for children with Polio.  Mary and Edward lived on the property until it was turned over to the Town of Waterford in the early 1960s.


The property is now a beautiful state park with a boardwalk, winding trails, a greenhouse, and a few other building still stand.  The Mansion is now used for weddings and events.


When we got to the park it was around 1:30 in the afternoon and there was still a sleepy mist coming off the water which made me feel like I was entering some magical realm.


And because it was chilly there weren’t many people out and about.  But I got to take a great walk down the boardwalk to the beach then we walked the trails around the Mansion.  I can imagine how beautiful it must be when flowers are in bloom.


After we were done exploring the area I started to look for other places to visit and found my new favorite used bookstore called the Book Barn.


The Book Barn has three building down the same road which I didn’t see until we were heading home and passed the other two.  We didn’t go in but I’m definitely going to go back and explore the other two locations.

I ended up bringing home a few books for less then $20 the prices ranged from $4 to $5 or up if the book was rare or larger.


Shhhhh.. don’t judge me on my Supernatural Book.  And as you can see they have everything from Scifi to Religion.

Waterford and its surrounding areas have a lot to do. You can visit Harkness, then head over to Niantic and hit the three Book Barns and even jump over to Essex and view the steam engines or downtown Essex and it’s Duck shop.  Waterford is also a hope away from Mohegan Sun Casino, Foxwoods, and Mystic.

If you’re looking for a place to explore I highly recommend visiting Harkness Memorial State Park and it’s surround areas.

Happy Exploring!


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