A Shout out to Doctors with Fibromyalgia Patients.

Since I was diagnosed with Fibro my doctor put me on one anti-depressant/anxiety med after another from Cymbalta, Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, and Klonopin. Unfortunately, the fibro came along with anxiety and for some reason, many docs also choose to use anti-depressants/anxiety meds to treat the condition even if the person hasn’t suffered from any anxiety or depression in the past.
I had side effect with every single one of the medication and gained 10lbs while barely eating due to the gastric bypass revision that I had in February of 2017. I finally convinced my doctor to put me on Wellbutrin a drug that had worked well for me in the past, I had taken it many years ago when I was stressed out and it worked wonders and helped me get through a hump in my life.  But, she was refusing to give me Wellbutrin, her reason was that it would make my anxiety worse and not help me.
After over 6 months on all these meds with my RLS in full swing and getting less than 3 hours of sleep a night.  I finally stopped taking everything weening myself off.  She finally relented and prescribed a one month supply of the medicine I had been telling her had worked for me.  Since I’ve been taking it, I’ve not only lost 5lbs but now am sleeping an average of 5-7 hours a night.
Not to mention that the previous medications caused me to start suffering from horrible depression that I never suffered from in the past, and I found myself bursting into tears daily something I never did. Every time I brought the subject up with the multitude of doctors that I see I was always dismissed.  Until I started having suicidal thoughts and even then the resolution my doctor offered was to up the medication I was on.
Listen I’m going, to be honest, I am an angry elf not a depressed one and I kept having to try all these other meds because my doc just wouldn’t listen to me.
I love my doc I think she’s awesome and I think she was honestly trying to help me but I also think she was not really listening to me and I’m coming to the realization that she and many others in the medical field are ill-equipped to treat Fibromyalgia and so people just silently suffer.
So this is a shout out for all the doctors out there please listen to your patients when they say something you’ve given them in the past has worked or they have a concern over side effects or how their body is reacting to a particular medication.
Don’t gloss over our concerns I get it we are hard to deal with because Fibro is a difficult illness.  However, we know our bodies we come to you for help and not being listened to makes it very frustrating not to mention the medications and side effects that make things 100 times worse.
Also please stop treating patients with Fibro as if they are liars and drug seekers. I have not taken one pain medication in the 4 yrs of my struggling with this disease. NOT One… it’s a personal choice I made to refuse pain medication and steroid. But some people out there who choose to use them it’s because it helps, do not make them feel like shit for not having an option but to take pain meds.
With the Opioid epidemic that we are experiencing things get difficult.  Yes, there are many who are abusing drugs but there are also many who are using these drugs to help them deal with the pain they experience on a daily basis and many of these people have gotten caught in the crossfire of this issue.  I’ve heard many stories of people suffering from chronic pain who have been cut off by doctors cold turkey from the medication they might have been taking for years.
I know as a person diagnosed with Fibro how difficult it is.  I understand the frustration of Doctors who are dealing with Fibro patients because we are also frustrated.  We are frustrated with the lack of knowledge surrounding this illness, we are frustrated with Doctors who disregard us as if we are lying or just seeking medications.  We are frustrated that no one seems to really know why we are suffering.
Please, please listen to your patients hear them out.  If this reaches one Doctor and allows them to actively hear out a Fibro patient without being dismissive I’ll be more then thrilled.
And to those suffering from this illness please do research, be your own advocate, do not allow your doctors to dismiss you.  If we do not work to be heard we will continue to be glossed over.
And now I’ll get off my soapbox.

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