What Would it Mean if I was Lying about Fibro?

A lot of people questions those of us who are suffering from Fibromyalgia, notably our doctors, family members, friends and if you’re applying for disability even the Government questions if what you are experiencing is the truth.  Often times we even question ourselves since the symptoms of Fibro are so fast and different from person to person.

Today I was thinking what it would mean if I was lying about suffering from Fibromyalgia and here is what this would mean to me.

To lie would mean:

Not being in pain every second of every day.

Being able to go for walks again like I used to.

Being able to work and connect with others instead of spending 99% of my time home alone.

Being able to work and not struggling financially on one income.

Being able to enjoy when my husband goes to cover an event or convention instead of having to find a spot to sit in and wait.

Being able to get out of bed in the morning without struggling for 20 minutes or more.

Being able to have a full night sleep.

Being able to handwrite and do more of my crafting without having to stop for days to allow my hands to stop hurting.

It would mean not bursting into tears numerous times a day because I can’t function properly.

It would mean being able to park in a regular parking space without having to deal with the look others give you when you use the handicap space and don’t look outwardly sick.

Being able to grow a garden (last years attempt landed me in the hospital)

Being able to not drag a step stool around my kitchen because my arms don’t go above my shoulder and I can’t reach for things.

It would mean being able to wash, comb and dry my hair.

It would mean having the energy to have an actual life as opposed to staying home because walking more then a block wears me out.

It would mean I wouldn’t question myself daily about my sanity and if it’s truly not all in my head

It would mean driving from point a to point b without suddenly forgetting where I am.

Or forgetting what I’m doing

It would mean being able to get dressed and wear regular clothing without struggling

Lying would mean I would have my life back and I wish like many of us suffering from Fibro that I was truly lying.




4 thoughts on “What Would it Mean if I was Lying about Fibro?

  1. Wow, Marisol… I’m sorry you are going through all that. And to have people think that you’re “making it all up” must really be the icing on the cake. 😦 I hope things improve soon.

  2. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and deal with so many people thinking that I’m faking an illness. If only those people could spend a week with our illness and symptoms. A day wouldn’t be long enough for them to get a good dose of what we deal with daily…it would take a week or longer so they could see what our insomnia is really like.

    Wishing you time without pain and time with restful sleep.

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