Weight Loss Surgery and Update

Hi all, for those of you who know me you know that I’ve been struggling with my health for some time now.  Today as part of an effort to get healthy I went in for an upper endoscope to open my weight loss surgery band a little I had chronic vomiting and had been unable to keep food down to the point where this past week I was even unable to keep down fluids. Turns out I have an ulcer on the bottom of my band cause swelling making it hard for the food to flow through to the lower pouch.
For those of you who’ve had weight loss surgery and are concerned that what is happening to me might happen to you. Please take note. I had a Vertical Banded Gastroplasty a surgery that is no longer done and was replaced by the bypass and removable lap band. The VBG surgery consist of 12 rows of staples and a permanent mesh that goes around your stomach to reduce your eating. It was one of the first surgeries used for weight loss.
I had it done in 2003 with the VBG there is a high fail rate I was told I would only lose about 70lbs and would probably experience issues within 3 years causing me to gain much of the weight back. I still choose the VBG knowing this because I was very sick at the time and felt that having a bypass and removing my stomach would be risky.
Almost 14 years and 125lb loss I was one of the lucky ones to not have much issues other then periodic vomiting and heartburn. All weight loss surgery comes with risk it’s important to know these before you go ahead and have the surgery and make the right choice for you.
Typically a VBG will fail as a result of band slippage, the staple lines fails, you can have band erosion or you can learn to eat around the band meaning you eat high fat / sugar foods and they go down real easy.
  • It’s important if you have surgery to do these things in particular so that the tool that has been given to you can be used effectively.
  • Eat healthy
  • exercise (I admit that’s my downfall)
  • follow doctors orders
  • don’t get disappointed if you don’t lose like everyone else we are all different and lose weight at different speeds
  • find others like me who are further out on their journey and will share information with you regarding concerns you might have.
  • Get therapy if you have food issues.
  • And most important is to pay attention to your body.
I knew something wasn’t right when my heartburn started to increases to the point where it was an all day occurrence I chose to ignore it and focus on other stuff and now I have an ulcer. Lesson Learned.
All surgeries are different keep that in mind as you go through your own journey. Do your research if you are considering surgery.  Ask others who’ve had the surgery for advise, or questions or anything.
The tool worked for me and although I don’t weight 125lbs weighing 150lbs beats the 280lb I was at.  It gave me a life I had never experienced and allowed me to be more active and to reduce the crazy amount of medication I was on during the early years.  I’ve always had health issues imagine having chronic health issues at 280lbs it would have been worse then what I experience now on a daily basis.  So yes I would definitely  do it again if I had to.
As many of you know I’ve very open to how I lost the weight it wasn’t an easy way out it was a tool that I made a point to use effectively  For those of you on your own journey feel free to contact me I’m here to help.

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