Union Cemetery

Hi guys, so I’ve been MIA for the past two months.  The end of summer is usually a pretty busy season for us with photo-shoots and powwows taking place it usually leaves me little time to post.   Today we were out for a drive and decided since it’s close to Halloween we’d take a drive over the Union Cemetery the home of the White Lady.


Or shall I say home to one of the many White Lady’s seen at numerous cemeteries and locations throughout the US and the world.  The white lady of Union Cemetery has been seen by a substantial number of people and this included not only the public but also employees of the local police and fire department have reported seeing her.


Union Cemetery was established in the 1700s and has become a hot spot for ghost hunters and people wanting to encounter said ghost. Unfortunately, the cemetery has been vandalized as a result and currently you will be fined or arrested if you are caught inside after dusk.


Back in 2012 we visited the cemetery and I did a short video with some information that you can view here:

The cemetery has been repairs since and hopefully people visiting will maintain the respect due to this location.

The cemetery is still in use today, we’ve visited hundred’s of cemeteries in the past few years and this one is the only one to date that I’ve encountered that is placed on a crossroad.  Is it possible that this is why there are apparitions and stories of ghost at this location. Besides the White Lady people have reported seeing a Farmer and a set of glowing red eyes.


No one is really sure who the White Lady is but some believe her to be a woman whose body was found dumped behind the church in the 1900s.  Other’s believe her to be a woman who was murdered by her lover in the 1940s and still some believe she might be a woman who died in childbirth and is still looking for her child.  Needless to say there have been hundreds of investigation at this location with lots of compelling proof that ghost and ghostly happenings are taking place here.

Have you encountered the White Lady of Easton?  Share your story below.





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