Schemitzun Corn Festival 2016

Powwow season is in full effect and we usually make our rounds attending powwow throughout our area. We’ve been attending for years, the first powwow I ever attended was at the age of two. 13312834_1199259463442196_6811108613755524825_n

I don’t typically write about them here mainly because for me powwows run deep and on a more personal level.  As a Taíno Indian it allows me to not only participate but to also honor my heritage and ancestors, it’s a way of life something I’ve been doing a long time and it’s just part of what I do almost on an autopilot level that I rarely share it on the blog.

This year we were asked to cover Schemitzun by and so as I was sitting here thinking about what to write and watching the live feed I had posted on my Facebook page of the dancers I thought of something I really wanted to share with everyone here.

Schemitzun is hosted by The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.  It is a celebration of the harvest and preparing for the coming winter.  People from all Nations attend and participate it’s a way to come together as one and honor each other, the earth and to celebrate the harvest.


During the event this young man was dancing on the field.  He is disabled, and I want to say we had seen him at a previous powwow, during which as he sat with his family he jump at every chance to get up and dance.  Every time they announced the inter-tribal dance he made his way around the arena, and at one point a woman got up to dance a two step with him since he didn’t have a partner.

At this weekends powwow I recognized him this time in full regalia and sporting an official dancer number.  He made his way around the grounds fully immersed in his dance and it was amazing to see.  The joy in his face, the determination, the way he moved given his disability was amazing he was out there doing his thing not realizing how inspiring he was to many of us that watched him.


Every time I saw him dance past me I smiled he was just such a joy to watch and a reminder that it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life you can do whatever you set out to do if you are determined.  I’m not sure if he won any of the dances he participated in but to me he was a winner and I hope his family knows what a truly inspiring young man they have in their life.

It was also wonderful to see the Taíno people well represented at the event.  With our Flag being carried in by Luis Angel a US Coast Guard.


The dancers where amazing as they participated in the various dance competitions and of course in the Inter-Tribal dancing which included Native and Non Natives alike.

14040017_1116832295065354_1216746643743922985_n (1)

The dancers included adults, young adults and even tiny tots.



Schemitzum usually takes place every August in Mashantucket, CT not far from the Foxwoods Casino.  It’s a wonderful event full of colorful regalia, amazing dancing, beautiful crafts and other wares for sale and some crazy amazing food.

I can’t wait till next Powwow season to get out there again and celebrate all the wonderful things that each powwow has to offer.

If you’d like more information on the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation you can visit here:

If you’d like more information about Schemitzun you can visit here:

If you’d like to read my official review on you can visit here:





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