Milkcraft – Fairfield, CT

So everyone is talking about Milkcraft a new ice cream place that opened up a few towns over from us in Fairfield, CT.  There is a lot of hype about this place and so we decided to go over today and give them a try.


Alright so you guys know that I can be pretty honest when it comes to reviews and I was so wanting to like this place I really was.  When we arrived I was impressed by the place actually it’s really cute inside and then my hope was dashed.


I will start with the positives about Milkcraft:

The place is clean, very clean and the staff and there was a lot of them because we were there at noon on a weekday and no one was in there.  Standing behind the counter where about 10 young adults and an older woman.  They were all nice cheerful and seemed pretty happy.


It took me a few minutes to figure out how to order and then I figured just ask for the s’more it looks good in everyone’s pictures and so I ordered the s’mores.  Then in a puff of billowy white smoke my ice cream creation began it’s life.  Now this is cool and if you have kids boy will they enjoy the entire process of how they make the ice cream right before your eyes.

The smell.. the place smells fantastic and I mean fantastic it’s surpasses the smell of your random bakery and it really makes you want that ice cream.

The bubble cone it had its amazingness and it’s whomp whomp moments so I have to add the cone to both the good and the bad list.


Now on to the Negatives:

The price oh my GOD the price $10 for a s’more bubble cone $10 dollars that’s like 2 gallons of ice cream from the grocery store.  Way to overpriced and honestly if you are going there with kids or have a huge family just keep it moving and head over to your local dairy queen/king/ or dip dot place.


The faux marshmallow they give you.  Yea it looks good, it looks really good especially if you have a weak spot for roasted marshmallows and heck I use my ghetto campfire to roast marshmallows as often as possible.  And if you don’t know what a ghetto campfire is it’s my stove.  Anyway, I was looking forward to eating that damn marshmallow and took a bite of a gummy bear or at least that’s what it tasted like it was a hard tasteless gummy bear.


The ice cream itself, it was just chocolate ice cream for a s’more cone I would have expected some graham crackers added into it or something but nope it was just basic chocolate ice cream.  They did put something that I’m assume was supposed to be graham crackers on top but turned out to be a dusting of crystallized sugar.


The bubble cone the taste was delicious it’s basically a waffle folded up and shoved into a paper container.  If it tasted good why is it on the bad list? Well, it was good but it was floppy, mushy, and cold.  They could have made it better if it was crisp or even on the warmer side.  Honestly it was the only part of the ice cream I ate a few bites of.

The spoons, oh Milkcraft for God’s sake please invest in some real spoons. Those are not real spoons they are miniature teaser spoons because if I was intending to eat the entire ice cream, which I didn’t, there is no way I could have used that spoon to get to the bottom of my cone.

In the end I actually threw out almost the entire ice cream it was in my opinion an expensive novelty. Definitely not worth the ride or the $10 price tag on the ice cream.  I know people love it and if you do that’s great but I personally think I’ll stick to Cold Stone, Dip Dot in Milford or Dairy Queen in my hometown of Stamford.



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