Cirque Du Soleil


I’ve been feeling pretty crummy these last few days since I had a battle with a kidney st
one but I’m on the mend and had a chance to go see Cirque Du Soleil OVO this past week.


So what is Cirque Du Soleil OVO well simply put it’s a story about a boy, his egg and his road to love.  Actually the story was pretty cute, taking place in a garden in a land of bugs a garden full of everything from a Roach band to a Fly aka boy and his egg.


The stage setup was actually pretty amazing everything seemed to come to life from the background the the performers on the stage to the stage itself with it’s various openings where character’s popped in and out of the scenes.



Beyond the story also was the beautiful acrobatics that took place one of my favorite where the flying butterflies it was almost meditative to watch them perform.


13416992_10209608299821212_8382633111574993651_oHonestly I can say I’ve never seen anything like this.  Not  your traditional Circus and although it had a cute story line to cater to the wee ones I felt it was more of an adult show.

So this show is done and has moved on from the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport but if you want to catch it near you check out their page at


Trust me you will not be in the least disappointed.  I’m actually looking forward to their return so I can check them out again.




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(This post was sponsored by – Cirque Du Soleil OVO 2016)

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