Brimfield Antique Show

This past weekend I had a chance to check off yet another item from my bucket list.  The Brimfield Antique Show which takes place three times a year at the Brimfield, MA fair grounds.


Brimfield is a huge market place spanning miles of fairgrounds and take more then one day to see all the items stretched out throughout the event. We actually ended up seeing one side on day two of the show and then we returned on the final day for side two.  The place is huge but as and avid antiquer I can honestly say you can find top of the line real vintage items everything from the Colonial era  to modern day brand products.


The only downfall of the fair besides all the walking was the prices.  Things were pretty pricey but I did find that most vendors seemed more then willing and happy to have you talk them down on prices.


This is a serious market though on the first day that we went there seemed to be a crowd of the more serious buyers with notebooks out and trolleys to carry their items back to the cars. And God forbid you got into anyone’s way as they were trying to make a deal or reach for an item, you’d get the death stare.  The final day of the event seemed to be more of the deal seeking crowd and vendors where giving deep discounts from the 10% to 50% off just to unload.  Unfortunately, by that time most of the nice stuff was gone and many of the vendors where packing up when we arrived at 11am.


Within minutes of arriving we were thoroughly lost in the winding streets of vendor after vendor and if you’re like me always getting lost the show now offers a downloadable app for you to find what you’re looking for.  Since we were basically there to just see and not looking for anything in particular we just wander up and down the alleys talking to the vendors about their tents and some of the stuff they had.


I did end up making one purchase from a vendor who had products from Thailand and China and that was a set of prayer beads to add to my large collection of rosary and mala beads.


Aside from those I didn’t buy anything at the show itself however, I did realize that Sturbridge Village is right up the road and guess where I made the husband take me?  Yup right to the shop to purchase a new piece of redware.


Which by the way if you are looking for quality redware that’s food safe you should definitely stop in to the Sturbridge Village shop to buy some all handmade on the premises by skilled craftsman.  I love Sturbridge, we got there to late to go to the museum and my little legs couldn’t have made the walk around but it’s really a great place to visit.

So here are some tips for visiting the Brimfield Antique Show:

  1. Go early and I mean EARLY!
  2.  First couple of days the parking is $10 the final day we found parking for $3
  3. Bring sunscreen lotion
  4. Wear walking shoes
  5. If you plan on making a purchase bring a suitcase on weeks, or trolley or wagon
  6. If you make a large purchase there are porters you can pay to take your stuff to the car.
  7. You can find food and beer was only $5 a cup but if you want to save money either hold off on eating or bring a cooler with food and drink.
  8. If you are buying be prepared to haggle it’s expected almost required.
  9. Talk to the vendors many of them will tell you some crazy and interesting stories about how they found items you might be looking at.
  10. Be prepared to walk.. and walk.. and walk some more.
  11. Have fun and enjoy.

So if you want more information on when the next show is you can visit

Happy Antiquing!

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