Art and Craftsman Shop

They opened a new shop at the Arcade Mall in Bridgeport, CT. The Art and Craftsman Shop is a huge warehouse full of art supplies and of course we had to stop in and check it out.

So if you are from Fairfield County in Connecticut you’ve probably heard of Jerry’s Artarama in Norwalk and Art and Craftman is very similar.  Lots of art supplies everything from paper to fountain pens.


I loved the Art and Craftman store it’s huge, it’s got a lot of stuff it’s an artist/crafter’s dream.  And it even has gift items like and a big selection of Moleskine and other types of Journals.


For the crafters they had different paints and jewelry making supplies. They couldn’t have picked a better location for the shop in the center of Bridgeports Art Center and I think it will do great or at least I’m hoping so.


If you get a chance and need art supplies make a stop over at Art and Craftman in Bridgeport.  $50 later I left happy and with a bag full of art supply I probably really didn’t need but had to have.

Visit Art and Craftmans Shop located at  1001 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06604. 

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