Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl

Yesterday we went to Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl located inside the Bass Pro Shop in Bridgeport, CT.


As you guys already know I’m a huge fan of Bass Pro Shops and I’m not into camping, fishing, or any type of outdoor activities I’m more like a vampire then a camper. However, there is just something about that store that I love. Like the mugs, cast iron, seasonings, wind chimes, snacks, well I can go on.  So anyway we decided to stop in to Uncle Bucks and try the food.


We had no idea this place was a bowling alley.  Seriously not a clue and I can’t figure out how we missed that information.  Anyway, we get seating the hostess was pleasant and sat us in a small room in front of the bowling alley we had no clue existed.

I love the decor in there it’s like stepping under the sea and makes the place fun.  So we ordered basics I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered a bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup the husband ordered his usual burger burnt to a crisp with fries and we order some Nachos with Salsa.

Let’s star with the Nachos they are labeled on the menu as fresh fried tortilla chips.  The lie detector has determined.. that was a LIE! Definitely bagged chips which were still edible but don’t plug chips as fresh fried when you can clearly see they aren’t.


The soup tasted good however it was so dry it was like Spackle and I opted not to eat it after two bites I just couldn’t get it down and started to feel slightly grossed out there was absolutely no liquid content in that soup it was dry, thick, and basically ended up being broccoli and cheddar as opposed to broccoli and cheddar soup.

My husband enjoyed his burger I did try the BBQ sauce it came with and that was really good.  The burger was well done and not a dry puck and the fries where nicely seasoned.

Oh and let me add that the sweet tea was amazingly good although still warm it was fresh brewed tea which makes a ton of difference when it comes to sweetened teas. 13150056_1180697358631740_565776463_n

Our final tab came out to $27 for an order of broccoli and cheddar soup, nachos and salsa and a burger with fries along with a coke and sweetened tea.

The final word if you’re going there with kids to bowl or with friends to bowl and have a few drinks then this definitely will be a place you can enjoy just order some pizza, nachos and sodas and I’m sure everyone will enjoy themselves.  The atmosphere is fun and the decor is awesome kids will love this place. If you’re going for some serious food and drink then I would recommend heading somewhere else.

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