Adventures in New York City

As many of you know, I am not a fan of New York City, New York Subways, New York Tourist, New York in general. But this past weekend that’s where our adventures landed us.  Why you might ask?  Well, my favorite pen ran our of ink.

I’m going to let you mull that over that tidbit of information a little bit.

OK so yes I wanted to go to my Favorite Bookstore Kinokuniya.  If you’ve never been there and you are a pen, book, collectible nerd you’re seriously going to want to check this place out.

We headed out fairly early as we usually do when heading to the city and hopped on Metro North to find the entire train full of bikes and their riders.


They where smart, kinda, and hung their bikes up out of the way but somehow didn’t realize that they’re bike racks provided throughout the train.  Needless to say the husband had to help them take the bikes out because they couldn’t get them right side up.

Our first stop when we got to the city was Prett’s Coffee it’s a Starbucks type of place and we stopped in for coffee, the restrooms and some time for me to go through my notes on where we where heading. 13115558_1178780315490111_676875361_n

After coffee we headed to Kinokuniya New York a Japanese book/stationery store that I absolutely love.  My husband set me loose in the store while he wandered around Bryant Park taking pictures.


After my big $40 shopping spree we went to look for the spray paint paintings that are done by various artist on the streets.  My step-son wanted a some of them and we had promised him we’d pick up a few while there.


We picked up a few one of which I had to wrestle out of a the hands of a woman who tried to pull it out of my hand while I was holding on to it. Clearly she did not realize she was dealing with a crazy tiny Puerto Rican who was not letting go.  But I got my prize and we moved on.


What should have been the highlight of our trip ended up popping and fizzling. We headed to see the Viking exhibit at the Discovery Time Square Museum. All I can says it that I was sorely disappointed in the exhibit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m very into history and museums are always a plus trip for me.  But for $30 per ticket I was expecting more to see.  The exhibit was lack luster and although it had a lot of small items it just lacked body.  The vikings where awesome but this exhibit made them look blah.

After the disappointing museum experience, we headed to Union Square by subway.  Yes subway, I did, I really did get on a subway with all those people although we walked back to Time Square afterwards but after the initial I’m going to die thoughts that zipped through my head I was fine and survived the trip only to be able to check off one of the items from my bucket list.


Obscura Antiques and Oddities has been a place I’ve been wanting to step in since I saw the show years ago.  It chock full of human and animal bones, photos, creepy dolls and more all tucked inside a closet space shop.  It was great to see the stars of the show, see some of the antiques and realize I’m way to cheap to buy anything there except for a postcard, which I did buy.

After that we stopped for dinner at Senor Pollo Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken.


I had the stuffed potato which was good except I wasn’t a fan of the raw onions or the thick ground meat but the taste was good.  The husband had 1/4 chicken breast which was more wing then breast and had yellow rice and beans.  Although I would eat there again if we were in a pinch to find a safe place to eat I wouldn’t seek it out.  It was good just not really good.

After our dinner we headed back to St. Patrick’s so I could light my father’s candle something I do every time I’m in the city.  My father was never a religious man but when he was dying he’d make me recite the Hail Mary to him over and over because he couldn’t remember it.  After he died every time I visit the city I stop at the Virgin of Guadalupe niche to light his candle.

I survived another trip to New York. I even survived a trip in the subway and with only one episode of dizziness and nausea.  That’s a feat hopefully I’ve stocked myself up enough so that I don’t have to purchase anymore pens for some time.

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in New York City

  1. Sorry to hear you guys didn’t like the museum! I enjoyed it but I agree that the price was pretty steep. I want to check out that Obscura shop — did they have a table at the Westchester Tattoo Con??

  2. I’m glad you are stocked up on pens! I actually love NYC, but try to avoid the subway and Times Square as much as possible. I was there for a few days this past week, when unfortunately the weather was less than ideal (lots of tourists with lots of umbrellas does not fun sidewalk walking make), but I saw Book of Mormon and School of Rock, so the trip was a success for this Broadway-loving girl!

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