Today we had lunch at Geronimo Tequila Bar & Southwest Grill located in Fairfield, CT.


So this is how our experience went.  First we were searching for a place to eat I was with my daughter.  She’s a vegetarian so we had to find a place that served something she could eat.  We drove by the restaurant and decided to turn back and give it a try.

When we arrived we were seated by a somewhat dismissive hostess.  She just seemed like she hated her job and didn’t want to be there.  Which hey I can related to but still you have to at least pretend to like your job.

So our waitress came over and we were ready to order.  We ordered the vegetable chili and the three sisters tamales.  Our waitress who was pleasant took our order left a bottle of water on the table and headed off.  We poured the water and noticed floaties, I said to my daughter “oh it looks like it might be lemon.”


Uh… Nope not lemon as you can see the bottle inside was filthy there was all sorts of stuff floating in the warm water yes warm because I took a sip of it thinking it was lemon.

Honestly if it wasn’t because we had already ordered our food we would have left. The next 10 minutes where spent looking at each other as if we were heading towards our impending doom.

And then the dishes arrived.


The Three Sisters Tamales


And the vegetarian chili. This started a stare down to see who was going to taste first.  I broke and took a bite of the Tamales and wow they where delicious. The chili was good nothing extraordinary about but it was good.  The onions and the sauces and the breads where really good.

We ended up being pleasantly surprised at how good the food was and honestly I would go back just for those Tamales and being married to a Mexican I’ve had the real deal.


We pretty much polished off the food and usually when the two of us go out to eat we have a lot of left over.  This time only a small amount of chili made it’s way home. In the end I would give this place a second chance.  Had it not been for the water and snotty hostess it would easily have gotten 5 stars.  We plan on heading back at some point to give them a another try.

So if you’re looking for what we thought was good food minus the floaties  visit Geronimo located at 2070 Post Road, Fairfield, CT, just stay away from the water.

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