The Beautiful Sounds of Simrit Kaur

Last week we were covering an event at the Westport Woman’s Club.  A concert by Simrit Kaur who not only teaches but practices Kundalini and Naad Yoga.


Her music is absolutely stunning and now i’m kinda hook and have been listening to her since.  I had never heard of her before and actually my husband came across her event and being that I studied with the Brahma Kumaris many years ago he figured he get me to go to at least one concert I would enjoy.

And he was right, it’s not your everyday music, her sound is haunting and soothing all at the same time.  Songs that are actually sung in order to heal you, inspire you and bring you to a state of openness and well being but could also make the top 10 on the pop charts.

I actually left the concert feeling refresh and less irritated then usual and that’s a feat for me.  13055364_10209252972098241_3844178181592017258_n

I have to say I had a mini interaction with Simrit as did my husband when he took her photos and both of us commented on how she made us feel as if she had known us forever.  Her presence was calming and made us feel so welcomed.  And the crazy thing it was genuine and that says a lot about her.

I also have to crack up because if you’ve ever been to the Westport Woman’s Club house you might agree with me, but entering the space was like entering Dr. Who’s Tardis.  The house seems rather small from outside but when you get inside the space was larger then I expected.

If you are wanting to get into meditation and yoga I would recommend you check out Simrit Kaur and her music also read her fascinating bio on her website 

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