Noodles Noodles Everywhere

My daughter and I had a mommy dearest/spawn day today and after taking her shopping we headed over to Mecha Noodle Bar in Fairfield, CT for some lunch.


Honestly when I walked in I wasn’t to thrilled with the place mainly because they were seating everyone in the center table which was like a long picnic table you sit everyone on.  If you are like me who suffers from Anxiety you’ll know that seeing this type of seating arrangement can send you into a tizzy.  Luckily the hostess must have caught on to my vibe and we were seated in a small table off to the side.


The menu was pretty simple you have Boas which I believe are steamed buns and then you have Ramen and Pho noodle options along with some snacks.  Because neither one of us are big eaters, we opted just to order soups.


The serving was huge and I am not kidding but each bowl could have housed an entire fish tank with ease.


My daughter ordered the vegetarian ramen and I ordered the Pho Ga which were thinner noodles with sliced chicken.  Both the soups where amazingly good they were fresh and light not heavy on oils and the broth for each was tasty.


When I asked for the check our server dropped this on the table my first though was wait, did I bring another notebook with me and it fell out of my bag?  But nope this is how you get your check inside of a notebook and they encourage you to leave your poems, notes, drawings inside.  Which of course my daughter jumped at the chance of doing.



So here’s our breakdown

The Food – two thumbs and a twist the soup was fantastic and we had plenty of leftovers to take home.

The loud music of Lady Gaga playing on loop – Two Thumbs Down… we both like Lady Gaga but as my daughter put it are we in a bar or at a restaurant?   At one point I couldn’t even hear what our waitress was saying to me. She also pointed out that they clearly had someones ipod playing the music.

The Picnic/Hipster/Dance Club Vibe – One thumb down and One Thumb up. My daughter didn’t mind the place but she’s 20 and has a higher tolerance level then I do.  I’m 45 someone simply looking at me can get me irritated. That being said she would return for dining in and I would return for take out.

The Waitstaff – 1.5 thumbs up they did their job. They where cheerful and nice but lacked the attentiveness that you find in other restaurants so we basically had to flag someone down to get our check.

The Price – we spent $30 including tip for 2 soups and a Thai tea.

The low down – if you are not a fan of loud music, tight spaces and sitting with strangers go in for take out and order soup soup and more soup.  If your okay with that dance club everyone’s sitting on everyone else lap vibe then enjoy the vibe.


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