Danbury Railway Museum

This past weekend we ended up visiting the Danbury Railway Museum located in Danbury, CT.


This museum is not only a museum / train graveyard but also is where metro north parks their currently operating trains when not in use.  The museum houses many trains that are not only vintage but are also privately owned.


So my thoughs on the museum it’s a great place to take kids.  Aside from wandering around looking at the old trains you get to climb inside, ring bells and there is even the option of take a ride for an extra $3 to the only existing  round table or what I like to call the train turn around thingy in the country.


The conductors give you a great history of the trains and area and they also have an exhibit of miniature trains inside the museum itself.


The best train in the entire exhibit was the mail train.  I had no idea that the mail was once delivered by train and actually arrived much faster then the way it arrives today.



Although the train cart was not an actual post office it was a mail sorting station.  Mail was collected at the different train stops and if you sent out a letter to NY at 8am it would arrive there by noon, talk about speedy service.


and of course I had to look for the sorting bin from my town and take a picture of it.

So if you’ve got little ones or just have a love of trains in general, definitely take a visit to the Danbury Railway Museum you won’t be disappointed.

for more information about the Museum visit http://www.danbury.org/drm/

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