Holbrook Farm Market Gardening Class

In March I headed over to Holbrook Farms in Bethel, CT to take their Gardening Class since I’m on a mission to create my home garden this year and actually do it outside as opposed to inside in pots like I did last year.

So I signed up for the class and although it was freezing outside on the day I attended it was a great a class.


We started the class inside the Farm’s small market which carries not only fresh eggs, veggies and local honey but also carries raw milk, handcrafted soaps, a load of baked goods and even jewelry.


Jess was our teacher extraordinaire she now has taken over the farm and is doing an amazing job not only teaching but farming.


We got the ins and outs of garden farming our small group made the class pleasant and Jess really took the time to answer all of our questions and gave us a tour of the farm.


As you can see the farm is not a tiny place and I actually realized during the class that Gardening involves a lot more then just throwing seeds in the dirt and praying for the best.  Which is what I was hoping for.


So with my new found information and knowledge I went home finished weeding the mess of a backyard and found our old raised garden beds and prepped them for planting.  Now if we can just get ride of this snow and cold I’d be all set to go.


And I forgot to mention we even got to visit with the resident babies.  I’m going to eventually have my own chickens, I hope.

If you are interested in gardening and don’t have a clue where to start I highly suggest taking the Gardening Class at Holbrook Farm Market it was really worth the time and the amount of information you get is incredible.

To find out more about Holbrook and their classes visit http://www.holbrookfarm.net/.

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