Monday Mash Up

Mondays are BLAH.. well for the most part but for me this Monday has been AMAZING!! As I ended my time at my day job and said good bye to the friends I’ve made and the not so friends I’ve made I left this part of my life behind feeling happy and excited about our new adventures.  I say our because my husband is unwittingly being dragged along on this journey with me.

I feel like the last three weeks, the time I gave for my notice, have been spent preparing for this change. I’ve been nuts getting things setup at home so that I don’t go nuts when I start the real “Working for Myself” job.  I’ve gone planner crazy and went out and purchase a new planner that I spent hours updating and creating to do lists.

Although I’m excited I do have a bit of anxiety and thoughts that are rolling around my head.  Can I do this? Am I going to go nuts working from home? Will we be financially okay? Am I going to want to murder my husband after a few weeks? I’m I going to want to kick my kid out the house? or my mom, brother, the dog? You get it it’s scary to make changes and moves and decisions like this.

I’m trying hard not to focus on the what ifs but keeping focused on the goals that I’ve set into motion.  I think I got this.. I really do.. kinda think I got this.


On another note we did a few fun things this weekend a trip to the Amish Market at Columbus Flea Market in Jersey, then we had a fun photo shoot where my husband allowed me to put my creative “designer” hat on and we recreated the Flaming June by Fredrick Lord Leighton one of my favorite paintings, it was easy since we had a beautiful model who posed for the photo

We also tried out Bare Burger located in Hartsdale, NY on our way home from Jersey and although the food was good I just wasn’t impressed enough to return.  I’ll post a full review here at some point this week.

And while in New Jersey we stopped by the Burlington County Prison Museum a very interesting tiny museum that has actually been running since the mid 1960’s.


It’s a bit creepy like any old building and has a lot of original doors and cells so I would say it is a certainly a place to check out.


So it was a busy but good weekend with lot of adventures, highlights and changes.

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