I Quit!

So yesterday I did something I never thought for a moment I would ever in my life do.


I handed over my resignation to the job I’ve held for 4 yrs with no job to go to or work prospects in sight.  Why did I do that? Well honestly the first 3-ish years weren’t so bad I had my ups and downs and explored other possibilities but the job was what it was.  I was hired 3 days a week to push papers and prep boxes and help here and there then the job morphed to the point where I was basically doing a full time job in 3 days with little pay to show for it. My previous manager retired and we were given a new manager who unfortunately, just doesn’t know how to manage a team of people.  Don’t get me wrong she’s good at some of her work but management is not one of her fortes. She had her priorities which mainly revolve around work and the department and I had mine which revolve around my family and well just my family and so along with my super supportive husband I decided to gracefully hand in my adios I’m outta here papers.


I can easily go on a rant about my job and how it’s been this past year.  I can easily point out all the negative things that have tanked the entire department but at this point in time it doesn’t make any sense nor do I want to put energy into that.  My only regret is leaving behind the one last standing coworker to have to deal with the atmosphere and treatments we’ve all been subjected to.

What I am putting energy into is the road to my “Dream Job” which is basically going back to the basics and ideas I had 4 years ago before I took on this job.


The last job I had I held for 13 years and was let go or rather laid off, which translated to we pay you to much so good bye.  I left the job actually pretty happy it had sucked 13 yrs of my life away and I had missed out on tons of life events for my daughter and family.

When I was let go I practically jumped out of my skin for joy here was my opportunity to work on our home business and move forward with my dream job, except after 6 months I was overwhelmed, not really into what I was doing and missing the interaction of other humans, and so off to work I went. This time it was part time so that my job life would not take over my important life, and when I saw I was being pushed to make work my priority I landed here, 4 yrs later and embarking on the Dream Job Journey yet again.

Will this work?

This time there are differences, I wasn’t blindsided with a loss of work, my husband who was unemployed at the time I lost my job is now fully employed and has great benefits, and we’ve been setting this plan into motion for 4 yrs. I have found my niche and I really wholeheartedly enjoy what I am doing and am excited about all the possibilities coming our way. I also have a great support system among my family, friends and all of you!

I am ready to roll into a new era and a new stage in life and I’m way excited!




18 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. Best wishes! Sounds exhilarating to “move confidently in the direction of your dreams.” It is crazy how fast time flies by — I just hit 5 years at my current job. I feel like I blinked and the time flew by!

    1. Thank you.. it’s interesting because one of the thoughts I had leading to this decision was I don’t want to stay in the job and find myself there 1-2-10-13 years in a place were I felt devalued and unhappy. I’m looking forward to what might come ahead 🙂

  2. Congratulations and best of luck Marisol!! You are inspiring in your uncommon boldness to not only dream but to act. You no longer have to be shackled by a life that makes your skin feel tight, commandeers your energy and makes you feel depleted without a sense of accomplishment. I wish I had your balls to do what I did 18 months ago, years sooner. Many blessings in the life you were meant to have!

  3. Praying for your success and I mean it. I like to connect with people like you. I did the same thing after 17 years in I.T. Been a lot of hard work, personal battles, depression, financial loss and now bouncing back. I started a blog just to inspire people like you.

    Good wishes always !

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