A Trip to Ridgefield, CT

Tonight we headed to Ridgefield, CT to watch the Wizard’s of Winter at the Ridgefield Playhouse.  On the way over we decided to stop and get some dinner before watching the show so we stopped at a little dive sports bar called the Tiger’s Den Sports Bar and Grill.  Typically I don’t look forward to eating in posh places and when I think Ridgefield I think posh.  So I wasn’t really holding out high expectations.

When we arrived in the parking lot we found that it was a little hole in the wall a true bar not some uppity restaurant posing as a Sports Bar. So we ordered the Chili Nachos and my husband ordered a burger and fries.


The nachos arrived and I asked them to put the chili on the side since I always have to ensure that the food isn’t to spicy.  The nachos where good the chili wasn’t bland but wasn’t spicy and I was excited until I dug in the chili bowl and pulled out a chunk of raw ground beef.


aside from the raw beef the nachos were good the pico de gallo was good the raw meat kinda killed the high prospect this dish had.  What started as a grade A dish quickly plummeted to a C-.

My husband’s burger arrive and honestly I was expecting that to be raw also.


The burger was actually pretty well done as you can tell by the charred appearance in the photo and they did the right thing by cutting the burger in half in order to ensure that they sent us a well cooked piece of meat.  My husband says the burger was good so that got a B grading in our book.

They also had some interestingly names beers.


Now if you go to the Tiger’s Den don’t expect waitress’ serving you up and anything other then what it is a bar.  We were served by 2 of the guys working there, true bar dudes who when we ordered another beer totally forgot to bring it over.  Everyone in the restaurant seemed like regulars and honestly for what it was the food was okay with a few glitches and the service was as good as can be expected in a place like that, so in the end we really can’t complain.  We gave the over all experience a C.  If you’re looking for a true dive bar experience with mostly edible food then give the Tiger’s Den Sports Bar and Grill a try.

After our meal we headed on over to the playhouse but got side tracked when I saw the signage for Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe and yes we had to stop in.

One side is an ice cream shop the other is a candy shops with everything from handmade candies to stuff teddy bears and gifts.  A colorful shop with lots of treats and items for gift giving and reasonably priced in my opinion.  I highly recommend heading over and getting some ice cream or candy from them.


After the Sweet Shoppe we headed to the concert and we’ll have a review and pics for that in our Tri-State Review site so stay tuned.







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