October Haunts and Happenings

I feel like I’ve been slacking on my post here lately but I haven’t forgotten anyone just been crazy busy with the new amazon store and all the Halloween activities taking place.

So I LOVE and when I say LOVE I mean I LOVE Halloween and all its creepy glory.  So this year we decided to head on over to Salem and spend a few days just to get away from everything since we haven’t had a proper vacation in a few years.  We took 3 days and headed over.

12122789_10207818866126488_3460408141551706533_nSo we tried to hit a number of the museums while there and here are a few of my favorite.  The all time best was The Gallows Hill Museum and Theater they had a great show with lots of special effects and things that jumped out at you and as much as I hate that this was so well done that I highly recommend going.   Next on the list which has always been one of my favorites when visiting Salem is the Pirate Museum great for families it give a history of pirates in New England and also has great setups including what appears to be an almost life size pirate ship.


We also did a candlelight tour of Salem and boy what and experience.  Salem takes on a completely different atmosphere at night it gets extremely creepy and almost disorienting ironically of all the visits I’ve made to Salem I never did a night tour.


While taking photos at the old City Hall we captured what appears to be a woman/child in one of the windows.  I didn’t notice the photo until we got back to our hotel that night I honestly was a little freaked out only because in the photo the angle of the girl you can tell she is looking right at me.

As I mentioned I love Salem and visiting there always seems like home to me it has great charm and the history is amazing.  If you get a chance to do anything during this month I highly suggest paying Salem a visit even if its just for a day.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be even with the insane crowds that gather in October.  So get out and go find some ghost.. or maybe.. they’ll find you.


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