Weekend Wind Down

Ah it’s been insane for the past couple of weeks for me, but I wanted to do a weekend wind down post so that you can are confident (no pun intended) that I am still alive and kicking.


A big chunk of my weekend was spent creating new Fauxdori’s for my shop and taking photos of them.  In between that we headed to the RedHawk Arts Councils Powwow in Bear Mountain.


The drive up the mountain was insane but what a beautiful view from the top and the powwow was slightly disappointing for me.  I just found it to be lacking enthusiasm and after standing in a 20 minute line for some pumpkin fry bread I received a cold piece of gummy bread with a pinch and I kid you not of powdered sugar over the top.

11755261_1593577280908558_4353890258847044515_nThe dancers seemed irritated and the attendees where blah, which is unusual because typically the Redhawks know how to throw a powwow.

I also attended a haunt faire in Long Island New York where I got to take a picture with one of the tallest people I’ve met.

11811566_898306436917942_4383652261003334528_nWe also got to catch up with old friends while we were there.  The highlight of my weekend???? Seeing Culture Club at the Foxwoods Casino


As you guys know I hate concerts and everything about them.  Typically not lasting past the first 3 songs but lord help me it was Boy George and my inner 11 year old insane fan kicked in and he was AMAZING!

That made all the busyness worth the effort. So I’m going to be doing some cooking videos soon, if you’d like to see a particular recipe or have a suggestion I’m always up to hearing about it you can contact me in the comment section below or you can simple shoot me an email.

Until next time.



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