Weekend in NYC – LOVE WINS

I had the most amazing experience this Sunday when we traveled to NYC to visit Kinokuniya Book Store. If you guys know me you know I don’t do well in crowds and often end up leaving pretty quickly when my husband is covering a show.  Yes I’m the one who walked out of the Mark Anthony Concert when he walked on stage and the crowd went insane.  So, when we were leaving the house here in Connecticut many of our streets were blocked due to a race that was taking place, and when we saw people dressed in tutu’s and rainbow wigs at the train station I though okay maybe they were here for the race and are now heading home.


So we hoped on the train that was packed for a Sunday but still I though hmmm, why so many people.  We arrived in NYC and of course I started to get a little anxious because let’s just say it was insanely crowded but we headed over to the bookstore and thinking nothing of it I spent an hour drooling over the Midori stuff. If you guys know me you know I’ve developed a slight addiction to stationery and pens, well I’ve always had it but it was a hidden addiction until recently.


I purchased my stash of stuff from the bookstore and we started to walk down to Obscura Antiques (yes it’s about a 45min walk) and we’ve done that walk before but we were met with one barrier after another and then this.


My husband who doesn’t leave the house without his camera (the advantage or disadvantage of having a photographer for a husband) decided to take some photos of the event.


We stood in the mist of thousands and thousands of people while I tried to smile and look happy.  Which if I wasn’t having a moment of anxiety I would have been thrilled to the bones over what I was standing in the mist of.


As I was standing against one of the railings a young man came running over to me, wearing the Puerto Rican flag over his showers he grabbed my face told me I was so cute and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug and I though it was the most endearing act. I hugged him back, so not like me but I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement, the pride, the historic event, even while I was in a total panic inside.


And things got even more exciting as we somehow got swept up in the entire parade.  Marching along with the crowd I totally forgot where the heck I was and the fact that I was surround by just about everyone on the planet or at least that’s how it felt.


We broke off from the crowd and decided to stop into a dinner and eat and spent about an hour in the dinner.  After our meal I said to my husband take me back to Kinokuniya so I can make sure I have everything I wanted from there he pretty much gave me a free budget and I was definitely going to take advantage of that so we started back towards the bookstore only to be met by the parade goers again and yet again we got swallowed up in the entire mix of things.  11700968_881827945232458_5170049446295355568_oThe parade went on for hours, needless to say, we left headed back to the bookstore then on to the train at 7pm and the parade was still in action.  What an exciting event I have honestly never experience something of that magnitude and in the end I actually enjoyed myself. I have feelings of happiness for all the people who have been given the basic human right to love and marry the person who is meant for them.  I felt pride in the fact that humanity came together for this event, straight, gay, bi, transgender everyone was there it didn’t matter there where no labels, no markers everyone was having an amazing time.  But there was also a moment that was sad, sad that this event even has to take place, sad for the years of battle that a lot of people have had to undertake.


Not only was it an amazing event but I also went home with a nice stash of goodies from the store.  If you want to see more photos of the event head on over to www.robertvelasco.com.

Will I go to next years pride event?  YOU BET!  LOVE WINS!

Congratulations America for doing the right thing!sig3

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