Wild Bills Nostalgia Center it’s an Adventure!

Today we went to Wild Bills Nostalgia Center a place that I absolutely love.  Not just for the antiques and oddities but because Wild Bill himself is always there to lend a smile and make you feel welcomed.


The shop has been open for 30 years and it’s a great place to get postcards, stickers, bobble heads posters, clothing and even jarred animal specimens.


EzYzDPLxb4EkOmOI11nFx0HsDO4CO3HyOQpT5vv1h7U,u4Kx75CGE7Ba2ia8LZKzo1yZYmY3MACrRG4Vk1LAq0w fD0vBP7oDD5O3EEKvK58gLIyJBi043YQu3CDJUBbooA,cI9CrH4lQ0rcWO184MHR1p2C4PsxPB6_DK9r6E0xt6Q S1vYBfUElIsj_2mfNnL0sOqBq05X3VDul_2L6EPF-c0,mE2_N48JlWW5LjvThltKMfuwl85IYJHcSOVBoGP9CdQ uG7TggtoP6wSIMjm4Mm4BWs7NsjqvqrNJsTuvEU0R38,Cs2ORE7UediUR-JQX7aaGGtLlFfP8BaOATagbYNCoc8There are a lot of old school toys and posters and the prices are great.  Every time I go in there I’m taken back to my childhood with all of the old school items that can be found.

They have a great selection of post cards


Not only is there a ton of fun stuff to see inside but outside there is a full size 3 car sculpture.


Even a haunted house which isn’t operational yet but they hope it will be soon.


There really is a lot to see there and we always have such a great time visiting.

11357104_10206764638011444_6324598444643640098_oIn the meantime I started my 365 Days in the life of my Midori challenge.

11351314_974126282622183_3502224444021520863_nBasically what I’m doing is practicing my photography skills, seeing how creative I can get with the photos and sharing my beautiful Midori Traveler’s Notebook with the world. (I’m slightly obsessed.)

Along our adventures we stopped to eat at Wooster Street Pizza and I had yes my favorite in the world Nutty Fun aka Provolone, Peanut Butter and Bacon Pizza.


So we highly recommend both Wild Bills and Wooster Street which are pretty much in the same area.

For more info on Wild Bill you can visit them HERE

For Wooster Street Pizza you can find them HERE

If you want to follow the adventures of my Midori you can see the pinterest board HERE

And if you want to see more great photos by my hubby take a look HERE




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