Opening My Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I have spent most of today like a child waiting for Santa to arrive because I was waiting on the mail carrier to bring me my Midori Traveler’s Notebook.   This Notebook is like the Cadillac of the journaling world. I have found a whole world of people who are devotees of these journals and after researching and wanting one for about a year now my hubby got me one for an early birthday gift.


So far I’m in love with it.  The smell of leather is fantastic and the feel of it is great! I can’t wait to get the inserts and start using it.  So her is my unboxing video for you to see.

And I wasted no time in altering the insert so that it’s not a plain boring brown.


If you’re looking to purchase a fauxdori here are a few links to Etsy shops that sell them.

You can get a real Midori on this is where I found the best price.

If you’re looking to purchase a regular journal here is the link to my Etsy Shop



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