Dinosaur Place

Yesterday we went to Dinosaur Place located in New London Connecticut.  We took our 2-year-old granddaughter, yes we have a granddaughter, and had a fantastic time.


So Dinosaur Place is basically a Jurassic Park themed playground that has over 40 Dinosaurs placed throughout an over mile long trail.  In the center of the park is a huge lake with a volcano that erupts every hour between 11am and 5pm.


The dinosaurs are actually pretty awesome mainly because they are life-size.


We sat with a momma dino and her babies.

11350516_10206648316743485_9171704246318959751_nRan from this monster of a guy hidden, well not so hidden, in the woods.


We took a selfie with this one.

10857782_10206648935438952_7694678427148552394_nWe went rock climbing


and down bumpy slides.  And the dinosaurs weren’t so mean they really enjoyed getting hugs.


Truthfully this park is pretty cool and although it seems to cater more towards the younger under 10 crowd it’s a great experience for kids to wander the trail and see dinosaurs all over the place and some even hidden within the bushes.  The whole experience became like a treasure hunt of sorts since we found ourselves searching for hidden dinos.  They also have an awesome maze we spent around an hour running around in, a splash pad that was unfortunately closed until this weekend when it opens for memorial day and a playground.


The price of admission isn’t that bad either $14.99 for ages 2 and up off-season and $19.99 in-season.  They also have a small gift shop attached to the park and right across the parking lot is a huge souped up gift shop with a fossil and gemstone center and some beautiful items at reasonable prices. Of course the highlight for me was that right next to the big shop was an antique center with about 60 vendors also reasonably priced.


Mystic is also a hop, skip and a jump away so we ended our trip with dinner at Mystic Pizza.


So if you have little ones I highly suggest hitting Dinosaur Place it really was worth the trip and we had a great time.




2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Place

  1. Looks like fun! A friend who lives in Willamantic is step-girlfriend to a five-year-old who would probably love this, I’ll share with her!

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