Weekend Wind Down

We’ve had a somewhat mellow and uneventful weekend although I’m ending it on a sad note as our 16+ year old cat has taken ill and might have to be put down.




She’s had a good long run considering when we rescued her she was all sick and infected with all sorts of upper respiratory issues.  The Vet simply handed her back to me and said good luck.  16+ years later she’s was still going strong till last night.  I had noticed she slowed down and was eating less, moving less and playing less.  She’s had already lost her hearing about a year ago and I would have to use sign language to signal treat time and food time.  But aside from that, she was doing well.

Yesterday she took a turn for the worse and although she seemed better this morning she started to do poorly later as the day went on.  A call to the vet is preparing us for the inevitable tomorrow.  So this is where I publicly ask for healing gentle thoughts to be sent her way as she nears the rainbow bridge.

We actually started out the weekend at a cemetery in the Bronx called Woodlawn.  One of the most beautiful and historic Cemeteries I’ve ever encountered.


If you’re interested in seeing and learning more about Woodlawn you can visit our Tombstone Tourist Page.

We also took a ride to the garden center on route 7 in Westport.  Now, this is a high-end garden center where wealthy people spend $100’s on plantings for their gardens.  Me? I spent a whopping $17 on a few things, needless say my indoor garden seems to be coming right along.



Then, of course, we hit the Christmas Tree shop where I got pots for the plants and random unnecessary crap that caught my eye.

OH and before I forget last week my husband was invited to attend a show called That Metal Show.  It filmed in the Harlem and airs on Saturdays at 9pm on VH-1.

We got there and they sat us right behind Zakk Wylde who is their guitarist and performed with Ozzy Osborn.  Now I am no metal head and 90% of the time I had that “what the hell am I doing here” look on my face.

1908393_10206341473192588_5542847315795427631_nMy husband kept leaning over and saying “smile you’re going to be on camera” so the entire time I kept my I’m totally insane happy smile on my face.  The show was actually quite interesting and entertaining and I got an awesome hat and a signed guitar pic from Zakk.  If you’d like to read more about That Metal Show you can visit Tri-State Review.

The highlight of my evening was eating at El Caribeño restaurant where I got to eat delicious Puerto Rican food without having to cook it myself.




and that where I high-five my husband scream YES and dig in.  If you are ever in the Harlem Area (El Barrio) I suggest stopping in, the food was fantastic.  El Caribeño is located at 1675 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10029.

And that was pretty much how we spent our weekend.  How’d you spend yours?



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