Monday Rant

Happy Monday!


That’s right I said HAPPY MONDAY! OH, your Monday isn’t going so well you tell me? You’re irritated, tired from the weekend and have no desire to be back behind your desk hunkered down and working?

I totally understand and can relate we’ve all had those Mondays. You know those Mondays when wake up and think UGH it’s Monday I hate Mondays, then you step foot off your bed and stub your toe, can’t find a decent outfit and when you do you spill coffee all over yourself.  Then you head to your car to find a flat tire requiring you to walk to the bus or walk to work and… Well you get it.


Then when you finally get to work and you find a load of work on your desk that you’re more than certain you didn’t leave behind on Friday. Your boss calls you into their office to rant and rave about something you did or didn’t do and all the time you’re thinking “Ugh, Mondays are the worse, this day is going to suck, I should have stayed in bed, why can’t this day be over?”

So let’s rewind our day here to the very moment you got up. Studies have shown that the mood you wake up with will affect not only the quality of work but the rest of your day.  Ohio State University found out that having both positive and negative moods affects your productivity but the positive mood is more potent.  They also discovered that the mood you bring to work has a stronger effect on your entire day.

If you woke up this morning and your first thought was I hate Mondays or I hate work or I hate *Fill in the Blank* you’ve already started your day negatively.

Here are 10 Monday Morning Affirmations to help you get your day and week started from “The Affirmation Spot”.


  1. Today I launch a wonderful week with a marvelous Monday!
  2. Monday rocks! It is one seventh of my life and I make the most of it!
  3. Monday is MY day! It’s my opportunity to begin anew!
  4. Monday is MY day! I’ll have this week off and running in no time!
  5. After rejuvenating and enjoyable weekend, I am ready to get back on the road to my dreams!
  6. My thoughts this morning are forming the Monday I experience. I am creating an awesome Monday!
  7. I am mentally and physically prepared to get my week off to a fantastic start this Monday!
  8. Monday sets the tone for my whole week and I make it count!
  9. Monday is always MY day! It’s my springboard to an awesome week!
  10. My Mondays are always the fast start that sets up my strong finish on Friday!

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.



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