Weekend Wind Down

We had a pretty crazy busy week and so here is my weekend wind down.  First we started off with snow and lot of it. Like a hell of a lot of snow fell yet again in our lovely city and well honestly I’m just sick of it.  In general I’m not a fan of cold weather and can’t wait to move to warmer pastures in the future but for right now we are stuck in New England with its piles of snow.

One of the things we do in our other lives is review concerts and products.  My husband Robert recently was contracted by an online media source called Tri-State Review and so on Wednesday we went to see Dwight Yoakam in concert. When the husband informed me that we were going to see Dwight my response was “Who?”.  I had no idea who he was but apparently he’s a country singer whose also an actor and so with hesitation since I get really bad anxiety at concerts off we went.

Dwight post 2

I have to say I survived the entire concert and not only that but I really enjoyed it and although I’m generally not a country music fan I actually thought his music was really good and I was so proud that I actually survived the concert without going into a frantic tizzy of hysterical crying.  I thought to myself maybe I can do this again and yup as you might have guess on Saturday my husband covered ZZ Top.

Confidently I went pretty excited cause I knew exactly who ZZ Top is and so I was  convinced that for sure I’d have another Dwight Yoakam experience.

photo by Robert Velasco
photo by Robert Velasco

Yea that didn’t happen I lasted through the opening act and what I thought was the first song that ZZ Top played however, seems that I might have blacked out because my husband arrived and he shot 3 songs worth of photos.  It was cool to see them I lasted more time then Marc Anthony but I couldn’t do it.  The crowd going insane the floors vibrating where just a bit to much and so we didn’t stay for the entire concert.

While at foxwoods we stopped into my favorite bakery called Fay Da it’s a Chinese bakery that’s actually located inside the casino where you can get these huge awesome baked sweet breads.


Every time we are there I get a tray and pile up the sweet breads to bring home.  I also always order a tea or coffee and crack up because the ladies behind the counter always give me that “are you eating all of these now look” and I probably could do that but I restrain myself.

unnamed (1)

Although I did have a piece of the sponge cake I purchase with my milk tea.

unnamed (2)

I also found out that Fay Da Bakery is not only at Foxwoods but also in China Town and a few other locations.

Our Sunday was uneventful the day was beautiful with weather capping out at 40 degrees and the sun shinning which required that I head outdoors to the grocery store and to visit the in-laws.  And peacefully our week has ended as another get’s started.

How was your week?



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