Curing a Clay Cazuela Pot

How can anyone get as excited over a new pot as I do.  I love food, I love cooking and I love cooking in clay pots.  The reason for the love of clay pots is not only the health benefits of cooking in a natural substance but it also makes me feel medieval and my Survivor-Woman fantasies kick in and make me feel as if we are ever in a zombie Apocalypse at least I can cook out in the woods with my clay pots.

Yes, I have an over active imagination, but I was really excited on Friday when I got home to find a package from La Tienda.  La Tienda is a shop in Virginia that sells products from Spain and I had order a Cazuela or casserole from them.

Cazuela Set

I couldn’t wait to cook in this little gem but first I had to cure it which is a process  and not only a process but the process that I used has been used since Medieval times to cure clay pots.


So I figured I’d share with you a video on how to cure a cazuela to make it strong enough to withstand heat and cooking.  So here we go enjoy and if you like the video click the thumbs up on the YouTube panel.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you are looking to purchase your own cazuela I highly recommend La Tienda you can visit them at



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