Random Finds

I love going to antique shops and we typical head out on Sunday afternoons if we are free and basically visit various antique shops around Connecticut.  Today since our snow storm wasn’t all that bad and it was a balmy 35 degrees out we decided to head out.  Now because of last night snow I figured let’s go to the closest one and my favorite antique location the Stratford Antique Mall which is about 40 minutes away from home.

When we got in the car my husband says which one are we heading to? and I responded with I’d love to go to Collinville Antiques in New Hartford but that’s and hour and a half drive with the snow it might not be a good idea.  His response was well let’s see how far we can get and off we went. unnamed (5)

The Drive over wasn’t actually that bad.  The hills of Litchfield are absolutely stunning when covered in snow.


One of the things I like about antique shops is the random stuff you tend to come across.

unnamed (10)

unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

and even a stuff piranha

unnamed (9)

But imaging my surprise when I came across this.

unnamed (7)

unnamed (8)

I’m sure you are wondering what that is.  It’s a Taino Zemi. A Zemi or Cemi is a deity or ancestral spirit and a sculptural object that houses the spirit.  Basically the Taino’s where known to keep these in their homes a place for their ancestral spirits to rest and dwell. When the Spanish came along the Taino’s destroyed or hid most of their sacred items.  Being that there are very few Taino’s left in the word when I saw this I was taken aback and couldn’t believe it. Of all places to find a Zemi Stone, yet I put it back on the shelve and we trekked off to eat because we were all starving.

But as I sat eating I realized that as a Taino I could not in good conscious leave the Zemi there and so we went back and I purchase it and now it’s safely housed in my home.   Of course this one isn’t from the Taino/Spaniard Period of history it’s modern but it’s still a sacred item and to leave it there would have totally bothered me to no end.

This find has got to be the oddest one to date and I’m so glad we bit the winter bullet and headed to Collinsville instead of our usual place.



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