Weekend Wind Down

This weekend we had what my husband affectionately refers to as his “Pretty Woman Day” which happens a few days out of the year when I force him to go shopping for new shoes, clothing and necessities.  Considering his jeans literally fell apart (AKA ripped horribly near his behind) during a photo shoot I though it was just about that time to force him out on his Pretty Woman day.

I have to admit my husband is a better shopper then I am.  He’s pretty fashionable and can dress you up in two point five seconds flats and leave you looking fantastic. However, when it comes to buying his own clothing he is an “on necessity only” type of person and so he’s owns a minimalist wardrobe.

We started our shopping excursion by stopping at The Yard House, a really good restaurant located at the Palisades Mall in New York, for lunch.

unnamed (3)and this my friends ensures a happy husband.  He had the 1/2 yard and I had what is called a shorty.

Usually our meal at The Yard House is pretty decent however the husband’s burger was pretty much still moving even though he asked for it well done.  So he ended up having to have chicken strips instead.  We also ordered Nachos which were decent.


Then it was off shopping and I have to say he did good leaving with not only a pair of shoes but 2 pairs of jeans a few t-shirts and some other items.


Did I mention my beer was a pineapple cider and it was delicious?

And then we did what I should never do ever and stopped at the Christmas Tree shop.  I shouldn’t be allowed in that store since typically what happens is I end up with things I don’t need.


and of course I couldn’t pass up the princess castle and Frozen toys for the grand baby. Which I got stuck in while testing it out at home.

unnamed (1)


We did have a good day however all things considering including a snow storm that has hit our area yet again.   Oh and have I mentioned I shouldn’t be allowed into the Disney Store either.


I was trying to convince the husband to let me get her.

Ah no luck.



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