Crazy Crafter

I love crafting and when I say I love crafting I mean I really, really L.O.V.E crafting.  I grew up in a home full of artsy people  my father was a guitarist and painter, my older sister is a sculptor and also a crafter, my older brother builds airplanes  and the other one plays guitar.

Although I didn’t get the musical side of our family’s artistic ability I did learn to have the uncanny ability to pretty much put anything together with hot glue.

Fixing the Kitchen Cabinets with my Hot Glue Gun.
Fixing the Kitchen Cabinets with my Hot Glue Gun.

My latest and has been for the past crafting craze filled years has been soap making.  I started off making goats milk soaps and slowly moved into the Castile olive oil soaps.

Cinnamon Soap

And progressively got more creative with the ingredients that I used making soaps from teas, coffees and even red wine.  Later because I love to write and journal I added journals to my list of crafting craziness.

Spider Man Journal
Spider Man Journal

For me crafting has become a sort of self therapy where I get to use my skills as a Herbalist on a whole different level and  I get to create fun items that I share through my shop or with friends and family. Crafting also throws me into a mindful spot, because to create you have to be fully present.

Skull Soaps.
Skull Soaps.

I believe that we all have the ability to be creative.  Sometimes we just get stuck on what “creative”looks like.  For me it’s cooking, journaling, creating soaps, for others it can be writing, building, sewing, sky diving and I’m serious when I say sky diving.  Creativity is not compressed into one box, you don’t have to be an artist to be creative there are so many different ways to do so dance, playing, going to the gym, anything that pulls you out of the normal everyday activities and pushes you into something more.

Sometimes when I am sitting with clients who are trying to figure out what their next life steps should be.  I find that when asked if they like to do anything creative many will respond with “oh I’m not creative”.  The reality is we are all born to create, we create situations, outfits, jobs, relationships, children.  We all have that creative niche inside of us that often times goes un-noticed.

It’s time for you to tap into that.  Find something you enjoy doing and turn it into a a creativity moment.  If you feel you can’t thing of anything then at least try a few things out. Go take a dance class or go to one of those wine and paint places with a few friends you never know what might help you tap into that inner sanctuary called creativity.


Are you a crafter, artist or creative person?  I’d love to hear about what you love to do and if you’re not creative let me know what you’d like to try out, is it painting, writing, soap making?

Interested in any journals or soaps visit my Etsy Shop HERE


2 thoughts on “Crazy Crafter

  1. you know that I love to write and play music, but I really want to get into something more visual, just to do something different. I have been saving odds and ends for a scrapbook, so perhaps that will be in my future! 😊

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