My weight loss journey started well over 10 years ago when I underwent a VBG operation also known as a vertical banded gastroplasty or more commonly weight loss surgery.  One of the things that I struggle with still is clothing even though I can easily fit into an L-XL shirt and size 7 pants I still insist on walking into plus size clothing shops or looking at plus size clothing online.  Mainly because I don’t think my head has caught up with my body yet.

Most shopping excursions end up with me looking like I’m playing dress up with my mom’s clothing.


or I just end up empty-handed because it’s almost become more difficult to shop now then when I weighed 280lbs.  My sense of style isn’t necessarily mainstream which can make clothes shopping a nightmare so I stick with the basics jeans, tees and since I don’t do heels, as I value my bones and don’t want to break any, flats or boots.

Although I’m not a heels and glitter type of gal I would love to have a reason or event that would require me to wear a formal fufu fancy dress.


But as of yet aside from my wedding day that hasn’t happened.  I also think that sometimes the creative side of my brain wants to kick in when I’m getting dressed and If I’m not careful I could very well end up looking like this.


I’ve been trying to find a happy medium and really express my own fashion sense without looking like a hot mess.  It’s been a trip and I’ve tried to keep it simple but most days I end up as just me.


How about you?  have you lost weight and found that your body and mind haven’t actually caught up to each other? or maybe they have share your story with me.



3 thoughts on “FashioNOTsta

  1. I actually have done the opposite! Since quitting smoking 18 years ago I’ve packed on the pounds, year after year. I still think I’m dressing an XS size 3 body…when I am absolutely NOT!!!

    Maybe we should shop together! I’ll pick out your clothes and you can pick out mine! LOL

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Finding the clothes that complement both our size and personality best has such a huge affect on how we feel, doesn’t it? Good luck with the shopping, and try to have fun with it!

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