Chocolate Fish

As many of you know I one of the faces behind the website The Unintentional Wino.  My husband and I started this site after a bad wine tasting experience on our first wedding anniversary and the blog/site quickly morphed and we ended up covering events, foods, and craziness in and around Connecticut.

So last weekend we were invited to the 2015 Chocolate expo and my 19-year-old quickly lit up.  You’ve got to take me mom!! I jumped online order a ticket for her and off we went to a jam packet event


The Expo took place at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT and it was the first time my daughter had joined us at any of these events. And like two kids in a candy store we plowed our way through the event sampling just about everything we possibly could while my poor husband tried in vain to wrangle us in.

We tasted olive oils




Chocolate covered Strawberry kebab


Healthy Protein Nuggets

 1511563_10205778416676527_8137899731816634763_o (1)

Ice cream


and more, we had a great time and a lot of fun running around and actually ended the day looking forward to the next event.  I’m not really sure how the husband felt as he ran around behind us but he was none the worse for wear after we left.

It was a great time and if you guys can attend next year I’d highly recommend you arrange to do so. Just go early cause it get’s extremely insanely packed we arrived a little after the start time and it was already elbow to elbow.  If you’d like to see a video of our antics you can visit to view our coverage.


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