Leading Causes of Death in the United States


 I recently posted the following graph on my Facebook page.


The leading cause of death in the United States is Heart Disease.  Heart Disease, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease are all in the top five, include diabetes into the top ten. Many of these killers are caused by obesity and all of these killers can be cured by changing the foods we eat.  Easier said then done you say?  You might think I don’t understand how difficult it is to lose weight and eat healthy.


Well I do, above is a photo of me in 1997 and me now. My journey wasn’t easy actually it’s been one of the most difficult I’ve embarked on and continue to travel. In 2003 I underwent weight loss surgery I was told I would lose around 50-70lbs and would most likely regain the weight within 3 yrs.  I lost 70lbs and plateaued for years  but never regained any of the weight.  Although I had lost some weight I still suffered from high blood pressure, joint issues and a other obesity related conditions.  So I decided to to use my surgery as the tool it was meant to be and began my journey towards having a cleaner and organic eating lifestyle, ensuring that most of the foods I eat are organic and/or not chemically filled. In total I have lost 125lbs and have been able to keep it off for over 10 yrs.

This doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally have a slice of pizza or a piece of cake.  As a holistic nutritionist one of the things I tell my clients is if you crave it eat it, because if you don’t you end up eating around the craving and will eat more calories than if you had that piece of cake or cookie you originally wanted.

What I also recommend is if you’re going to eat that cookie or cake then bake it yourself, make sure your food is not loaded in preservatives and chemicals.


It take 1/2 hr or so to bake a batch of cookies that have 5 or so ingredients or you can purchase a bag of cookies at your local grocery store and end up eating anywhere between 10-15 chemicals that have been added to your food.  You want that soda? Well go ahead just don’t have 5 cans everyday.


Don’t be afraid of butter.  Real butter has one ingredient milk or cream and sometimes salt if you purchase salted butter.  Margarine had over 12 ingredients 1/2 of which you probably can’t pronounce.


Stay away from fast foods and when I say stay away I mean as far away as possible.  Most of those greasy fast food joint burgers are so loaded in preservatives that you can leave it sitting on your counter for months and it will look just as fresh as the day your purchase it.  If you feel inclined to eat a big mac go ahead but remember your feeding yourself fake processed food that will not digest and will contain little to no nutritional value.


Cut your meat consumption in half.  I am not a vegetarian however I do not eat meat daily and when I do eat it it’s organic and free range to insure less antibiotic and chemical contamination.


And while you’re at it cut down the amount of milk you drink ever wonder why are daughters are developing at a much faster rate? Well blame the growth hormones in our foods and milk. Also, make sure it’s no skim as skim milk is loaded in sugar in order to make it taste better and buy organic, I get 2% or whole milk at home.


You might think that eating healthy is expensive but it’s actually not.  You don’t have to go to whole foods for organic and nutritional foods.


Visit your local farmers market and your local butcher, don’t be afraid to ask where they get their meats and produce from chances are they are buying from local farms and guess what you’ll get fresh ground organic beef for 1/2 the price of what you’d get at any whole food market.

Eating healthy isn’t easy it will take time and energy to find places where you can purchase clean foods.  You will spend time researching recipes in order to prepare these foods, you’ll probably spend a few extra dollars when you are forced to buy for a specialty market.  However, eating healthy is cheaper than being sick, illness will spend your health, money, happiness and will eventually cost you your life.

Check the foods you eat if they have ingredients you can’t pronounce then leave them behind and if you have questions I’m here to help you get healthy and find your joy.

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3 thoughts on “Leading Causes of Death in the United States

  1. I remember reading somewhere that humans are the only creatures who drink milk way past infancy. That made me rethink drinking milk. Even when I do, I make sure it’s whole milk.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your site and advice. I’m interested in the chart at the top of your column of the leading causes of death. Can you tell me where it came from, please?

    I’d like to look at the data more closely.

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